A Coral Jackdaw

Paul Stirling kindly sent me photos of another coral pen (3173). This one is a self filler Jackdaw, evidently quite late. You can be sure it’s a late pen when you see that duck-like swan. A few years earlier Mabie Todd would not have used a swan image on a Jackdaw or Blackbird. The pen is in very good condition but sadly the nib has been replaced with a folded-tip plated Unique. Not the nib for such a fine pen but Jackdaw nibs are thin and fragile.

I think it is no more than coincidence that a few of these pens have turned up recently. I don’t believe that the colour is common.

This pen was undoubtedly made under the ownership of Biro. I read recently in a Biro website that Miles Martin invested heavily in the Biro ballpoint when it was being tested by the RAF. After the war, when the pen was being developed commercially, manufacture of the caps and barrels was contracted out. To whom? Mabie Todd, who would be swallowed up by Biro in a few years.

2 thoughts on “A Coral Jackdaw

  1. As another sneak preview, an identical pen (with the same imprint) is pictured in ‘the forthcoming book’. Steve dates it as c1953, so just into the Biro Swan era.

  2. many thanks Andy – not really my week for nibs ………………… I bought an early 1930s streamline Lady Duofold in recent days, and it had an Osmiroid nib !

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