Parker Duofold AF

I’ve written about the Parker Duofold Aluminium Filler before, but not recently. It’s the predecessor of the Aerometric Duofold and looks very similar. To my mind it’s a more satisfying design. It looks better than the usual button filler and you don’t have to remove the barrel for filling as with the Aerometric.

It was in production for about five years so it’s very common. If it has a fault, it is that it isn’t as easy to repair as the earlier button filler. The best way to do it is to remove the whole button filler assembly but it sometimes refuses to come out. The fall-back position is to pull out the button itself – again not particularly easy, and it leaves a small aperture to work through.

This one is what Parker describes as burgundy but it’s a very deep red that usually appears black in photographs. It looks more brown than red to me. In any case once it’s all back together and ready to go it’s a super pen with the great Parker nib.


13 thoughts on “Parker Duofold AF

  1. I agree, there is a sense of holding a pen of some substance, and in fact the same size nib (35) is found in the aerometric Senior Duofold, which is even longer than the AF. I have black, dark blue and dark burgundy, but I’ve yet to find a grey AF – probably not rare, just eluding me, though have to say grey doesn’t work for me – it often turns a tad olive and loses its lovely dove grey freshness.
    This very dark burgundy does seem a bit of a non-event – it’s a colour found also in some of the later Victories – I believe the Danish company made them in apple green, which sounds very attractive.

    Occasionally you can find these AFs with a yellow finish to the button mechanics – whether it’s just an anodised surface finish or right through the metal I’ve no idea, and why yellow?
    I think it might have been only Duofolds and Maximas that had this wide cap band, but I stand to be corrected.
    Since I don’t scribble I tend not to be aware of point width, but just noticed that some of these models do have surprisingly broad points – really must try writing one day:-)

  2. that could be correct about the yellow buttons. I’d scratch one of mine to find out – I have two with this unusual button colour out of a total of half a dozen AFs, but I’m loathe to damage an otherwise nice looking button. Usually if I have an example of something, then it’s not uncommon:-)

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