Wyvern No 50

Wyvern models are confusing and they are likely to remain so until someone does major work on them. This No 50, when compared with other Wyverns, seems to be a mid-thirties pen. It has the rather stylish Art Deco clip, double cap bands and the usual arrow-shaped lever. With the cowled clip and black “jewel”, it’s one of the better Wyverns, enhanced by the hatched pattern. As is usual with Wyverns, the gold plating has worn almost completely off the clip.

This is a straightforward lever filler with no traps for the unwary, like the left-hand threads that some models have. Some Wyverns have brand-engraved nibs, often with the attractive Leicester Dragon. Others, like this one, have warranted nibs. Both types were made in-house and there is every reason to think that this is an original nib. It is a fine stub.

Wyverns are hard to place in the British market. Some of the lower-quality pens, like the 60C Perfect Pen and the Orium models are less attractive and subject to shrinkage. At the other end of their range the animal-hide covered pens were highly regarded when they were issued and are much sought-after by collectors today. Like Mentmore’s production there is a great deal of variation in the quality of Wyvern pens.

For the writer, a pen is as good as its nib and this is where Wyverns excel. Some Wyvern nibs are firm, others, like this one, are flexible. All are good. With the exception of the leather covered pens, Wyverns don’t fetch a very high price, so there is the opportunity to obtain a very nice and useful pen for little outlay


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