The Golden Guinea M2

No one knows with certainty who made the Golden Guinea fountain pen but I would be prepared to make a small wager that it was a Mentmore product. It appears very similar to some other Mentmore and Platignum pens.

The name seems a little misleading. A guinea (21 shillings) was pricey for a pen in the thirties. For instance, the Conway Stewart Universal cost five shillings and sixpence in 1934* and it is a much higher quality pen than the Golden Guinea. I would guess that this inexpensive-looking pen cost a lot less than a guinea and the name was chosen to symbolise quality and worth.

Many of Mentmore’s inexpensive pens at this period were made from very attractive celluloids and it is the case with this pen. The white/grey/pink swirling pattern is very eye-catching and the black blind cap, clip screw and section provide a vivid contrast. The narrow/medium/narrow cap rings and the ball-ended clip have little more than a gold wash over the base metal.

The well-printed and strongly made box makes much of the “solid gold nib” but it is disproportionately small, another example of cost-saving. Taking the design as a whole, this low-cost pen with its pretty pattern was perhaps targeted at the school-pupil market.

The barrel’s tapering continues on into the section which is noticeably concave. The general shape is modern for the time, another attractive feature. Golden Guinea pens would make an interesting and attractive collection as during the couple of decades that they were around they picked up on the new and popular designs of those times, often in splendid patterns like this pen.

*Stephen Hull: Fountain Pens for the Million.

5 thoughts on “The Golden Guinea M2

  1. I have an identical design Deborah, in pearl and black, and agree they are a cheaply made pen, though like yours mine has a Warranted nib and the writing ability is passable, but if I had a choice, I’d prefer your nib to mine. Mine even has its original paper price band around the cap, saying 21/-, and this price is heat impressed into the barrel, just after the words GOLDEN GUINEA.
    I always interpret the term ‘self-filling as implying a lever fill pen, but assume like mine yours is a b.f.
    From memory think I had to glue one or two of the cap rings on mine as they were loose, so plastic shrinkage a problem.

    Well, that’s two examples, so someone keen on the brand might buy both and start a collection:-)

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