A Pitman Made By Waterman

You may remember our recent discussions about the Pitman’s pens. We concluded that most – indeed all the earlier ones – were made by Waterman.

These photos of a rather handsome Pitman are evidentiary, I would say. There is a possible quibble and it is this: Waterman sacs may have been provided for repairers who had some agency relationship with the firm. I raise that possibility because someone else probably will but I personally don’t believe it. I’ve come across quite a few petrified Waterman-branded sacs and they have all come from pens that did not look as though they had ever been opened before. In other words I believe the only Waterman sacs out there are the ones installed during production.

The only possible evidence stronger that this would be a contract between Waterman and Pitman. Oh how we wish…

Thanks to Peter Greenwood for pictures and information.

4 thoughts on “A Pitman Made By Waterman

  1. Hi Deborah – what’s your opinion on that very distinctive design of Waterman feed – was it created to improve ink flow to the nib, and does it in fact work ………. have to say that with my limited pen to paper experience, I’ve no idea.
    That pen is a good find Peter.

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