The Curzon’s Top Lever Pen

A close-up of the infamous Curzon’s Top Lever Pen that caused the demise of May Pen Co as they made it for Curzon’s as the Debrett’s Top Filler.

A photo of the whole Top Lever Pen.


A photo of the lever mechanism at the end of the barrel.


Thanks to Rard Changizi for the photos and information.

6 thoughts on “The Curzon’s Top Lever Pen

  1. Not a pen that I’ve seen in this format Deborah, but …………….. I have an example of Debrett’s TOP-LEVER PEN you mention, which additionally carries the imprint Patent No. 273357. Mine is a BHR b.f. pen – it has cap threading on the rear of the barrel for posting, two milled patterned collars around the barrel and one ditto around the cap – though sadly only a warranted nib.
    I’m really not clued up as to the meaning of the words TOP-LEVER, in this instance, since the b.f. mechanism seems unrelated to any lever operation, so a bit of a mystery to me, and unsure as to how the lever functions on Rard’s pen.
    My pen lacks any clip, and judging by the cleanliness and lack of mutilation on the cap, it seems a safe bet to say it probably never had one.
    Are you able to offer an approximate date on my b.f. example – and if you would care to see some pix do let me know.

  2. The Debretts were all made in 1927 and basically caused the downfall of May Pen Co. They were made in BHR and MHR only. The end of the barrel where the top lever is screws off revealing a button filling mechanism below. Quite innovative really. If you are willing to sell your pen Paul, please let me know because I would dearly love to have another. There are not many around these days especially in reasonable condition.

  3. I’m more than happy to sell you my Debrett’s pen Rard – perhaps Deborah will be good enough to pass your email address to me – off site- and I will then send you a p.m. Does that sound workable Deborah?

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