Swan 3250

Though I’ve probably written about it before (after all this time I’ve written about many things before) the splendid Swan 3250 is worthy of further consideration.

The burgundy is so dark that it appears black in anything but bright light. This is one of the earlier examples with brass barrel threads. The company returned to plastic threads later, probably because of cost. The brass threads wear the cap threads but not quickly enough to have influenced Mabie Todd’s decision, I would have thought. After all, almost 70 years later this example is still closing firmly with a single turn.

The gold plating has worn quite well, not always Mabie Todd’s strong point. The No 2 nib is not flexible but it has some spring which makes it very comfortable to write with. For me and for someone with larger hands than mine, it is a comfortable pen to hold and use. It is so well made, from such good materials, that it feels like a new pen.

We are blessed with the gift (or curse) of hindsight, and we see this pen as completely in line with its high-quality predecessors. We are, of course, aware of the fall to come in a few short years, when very inferior products will be turned out bearing the Swan name. That makes these fine late examples all the more precious, I believe.


2 thoughts on “Swan 3250

  1. agree – very nice pens – I’ve a burgundy too and together with the dark blue they’re abysmal as far as photography goes, though the dark green is a tad better on the screen.
    I think the 3xxx series are all l.f., whereas the 4xxx are leverless.

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