Parker Vac Junior?

What is this?  I’ve been told it’s a Parker Vacumatic Junior but I can’t find one that looks like this.  Is the clip original or a replacement?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Parker Vac Junior?

  1. I didn’t intend to comment – suspect both respondents know 100% than me about these Parkers, but ……………….
    just to say that I did look in both the Vac. and Duofold books and replies do appear accurate.
    I could be wrong, but it appears that Vac. Juniors were made in black and crystal/black only, rather than colours.

  2. Shepherd & Zazove say they were made in four colours and back it up with a period pamphlet, where it is called a Sackless Duofold (page 103).

  3. hello Peter – I should have written a little more to avoid what is obviously now crossed wires.
    My comments referred to the original suggestion where Deb. had been informed that this pen was a Parker Vac. Junior. It was to that model (the Junior) – in the Vac. book – pages 69 – 72 – that I was drawing attention, to add weight to the now obvious fact that Deb’s pen is definitely not a Vac. Junior (which I named in my post as black and crystal).
    Apologies for confusion and hope now is all crystal clear.

  4. I blame Parker’s for producing a Duofold with a vacumatic filling system. They should have called it a ‘Duovac’!

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