Latest Sales Site Update

You know those gems, the pens in the box
Which rattle forlornly; the ‘difficult’ stock.
‘I’ll fix them sometime,’ so the mantra goes,
But they languish on, in near-death-throes.

Along comes the day when an idle glance through
Makes the thought sneak in: ‘I should see to these, too.’
Then puzzles are sorted, pressure bars put in place;
With each one I fix there’s a smile on my face.

One pen after another receives a new sac
Held safely in place with a bit of shellac.
A buff and a shine and the days work is done;
It’s so good to revive yet another one!

For the past few weeks I’ve never been bored
While ever more pens at last were restored.
They’ve been prepared and the prices are right:
Won’t you have a look at them on my sales site?

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