Parker Duofold Lady

Here’s the other Parker button-filler I worked on the other day: a Duofold Lady in brown and black marble. It was once a ring-top but it has sadly lost its ring. Canadian-made like the Moderne, this is a very well designed and executed small pen. It has the clever ‘hanging’ pressure bar that keeps the pressure away from the section and thereby saved the cost of cutting threads.

Parkers, unlike Watermans and Wahls are not especially known for flexible nibs but they do occur. Such a nib is this one, with effortless line variation and good snap-back.

Most of our 20s and 30s Parkers are Canadian. They were favoured in price due to trade agreements that excluded the US due to its puzzling unwillingness to remain part of the Empire and later the Commonwealth. It seems the world is being driven back to protectionism and trade wars but that’s okay. Most pens come from Germany and the Far East these days. Hopefully their prices will not be affected.


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