The Onoto Lever Pen

This is a handsome lever fill Onoto, probably 1940s. It has an excellent De La Rue 22 nib, medium, wet and with easily induced flexibility. It is noticeably tapered at both ends, has the ‘waterfall’ clip and a neat little black hard rubber tassie. In all respects it appears a very superior pen!

It has a very Watermanesque box lever and in the barrel there’s a hanging pressure bar, also just like the Waterman. The resemblance is so close that it’s reasonable to assume that De La Rue had licensed the patent from Waterman. It’s so typical of De La Rue. They had the best plunger fill system and when they decided to have a lever filler they went for the best there was.

Gorgeous pen. The phrase “they don’t make them like that any more” applies here!


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