More Gold-Filled Swans

An addendum to my last post on the subject of gold-filled Swans.  There’s a rare split-lever version about which I wrote recently and a very handsome smooth Leverless.

Many thanks to Paul L for his excellent photos.


5 thoughts on “More Gold-Filled Swans

  1. mouthwatering – am sure we’re all very envious Paul. – though sometimes not sure which I envy more – the pens or the ability to write like that – beautiful script:-)

  2. Thank you Paul, you are too kind I fear.

    As for those pens, all gone to new homes. I’m not a collector you see, though of course I have some favourites that are staying (some of them Frankenpens) and the silver one is a “keeper”

    I just like to own them for a short while and move them on – in the hope of making a modest profit after fixing them up!

  3. as a collector, my first reaction is to sympathise that you no longer have these pens Paul – but we all see life differently, and for some of us it’s enough to say we did for a while own such beauties.

    1. Exactly Paul. Of course I understand your viewpoint, but I already have too many pens (and bits of pens!) here. As you say, I do like to see and handle them. And so many Swans have such lovely nibs – I can’t keep them all!

      1. I agree – Swan nibs are probably some of the best in terms of flex and smoothness.

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