Conway Stewart 14

The Conway Stewart 14, like its very similar neighbour the 15, had a long run from the early 50s to the early 60s. These are nice little casein pens and come in some vibrant patterns.

This one is in hot burgundy with black lines. The pattern is strong and eye-catching and is uninterrupted from the top of the cap to the end of the barrel, in the absence of a cap ring.

The 14 and 15 don’t just look alike, they share a nib, the CS1A.

Conway Stewart nibs, if they haven’t been dropped or mangled in any other way, are nice writers. They are not known for being extremely flexible, but this nib does give some easy line variation.

For a pen that is more than half a century old, it looks pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Conway Stewart 14

  1. How timely that you should post this Deb. I just picked up a lovely CS 14 set in the blue marble. It came with box and papers which was also quite nice. Less nice was the broken time on the nib which managed to escape my view before purchasing so I am now on the hunt for a nib. I am looking forward to getting this one up and writing.

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