Pelikan 500

I’ve owned a few Pelikans, the modern Souverans and some of the older pens, but I don’t really understand the range of Pelikans in the way I do with Conway Stewarts, Mabie Todds or even Watermans.

Take, for instance, this 500. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it to be an upgraded 400, made in the mid 50s. A medium-sized pen at 12.6 cm capped, it is strikingly handsome with its gold-filled cap and blind cap. The barrel is green/black striated and translucent.

It has the nesting Pelikan emblem on the cap top and the traditional Pelikan clip. The gold nib is fine and semi-flexible.

There is a professional personalisation on the barrel. The gold is in good condition and shows no wear. This is a pen with a lot of bling but it is also eminently practical.

It’s a pen that you really want to write with. I’ve had other good Pelikans, early pens with very flexible nibs, but this is the best writer of them all.


6 thoughts on “Pelikan 500

  1. Hi, nice web pages very interesting. When I was in school back in the late 50s early 60s all us kids had a top blazer pocket full of pens we would all do a swaps if some boys had what you did not pens changed hands all the time they could see what you had in your pocket. Wish I had them now!!!!!? Bob.

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