Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper

Here’s a gold-plated Mabie Todd & Bard Swan eyedropper. It’s not mine, I’m sorry to say. I’ve had one or two of these in the past but in nowhere near as good condition as this one. We know that it is before 1907 because that’s when Bard left Mabie Todd.

From what I can see of it – and I understand that the photographs were taken under difficult circumstances – is in very good condition with just some plating loss on the section.

What’s the date and what’s it worth?


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5 Responses to Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper

  1. Paul Stirling says:

    Very nice pen. As this is plated, then there won’t be any hallmarks but as a best guess I’d go with 1900 – 02. If only I was clever enough to know that from experience it might be good, but have to say I’ve cheated somewhat and looked in Lambrou’s book ‘F.Ps of U.S. & U.K.’ (page 179) – there’s a fairly close match showing there, with a guide date of c. 1900.

    this looks to be an over/under feed, and I could be wrong but the over part looks to have its tip missing – the missing plating can be replaced quite easily.

    The nib point looks unusually broad, hope the tip hasn’t been broken away.

    I wonder what the prize is for the winner of this competition – hope it’s not another Jinhao – perhaps it’s a M.T. ;-):-):-)

    • I have other photos that show that there is plenty of tipping material. I agree with your date.

      For clarification, this one’s not a competition. Just looking for opinions. For competitiions I only do Jinhaos. Or maybe a Wing Sung.

  2. Beautiful FP and I’m going with $1,000,000 just like all the LE Montblancs.

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