Well Wow!

You could knock me over with a feather! This blog has been chosen as one of the 75 top pen blogs on the web! Mind you, I’m not sure how many pen blogs there are. 77 maybe…

Anyway, I get to show this snazzy badge.

19 thoughts on “Well Wow!

  1. I can only agree with the posts above. Thoroughly deserved, a real resource for those interested in pens and their place in our social history. Especially for people like me who came to develop an interest more recently (Oh crumbs is it really 7 years ago!!) After all that time you still bring so much to the table. Thank you.

  2. well, you know of course Deb, that one really precious ingredient that makes your blog a bit special – yep, you’ve got it ………………
    it’s us ……………. those magical respondents who venture in with their thoughts and ideas, endowing your creation with mountains of valuable information. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    you know I’m being humorous – or at least trying to be – we all love you and might suggest this accolade is very well deserved.
    Why don’t you consider coming back to FPN – and slaughter them with your candour and knowledge.

    Best wishes from Surrey. xxx
    P.S. Please don’t sell all of your pens too quickly – that’s two now that I’ve been going to buy, and when I look back in they’ve gone 😦 😦 ……… 🙂

  3. Top 25 easy, with an awful lot of room to spare, Deborah. Very, very few people tell stories about vintage pens like you do.

  4. Very well deserved, Deb. Congratulations. I always click immediately when I get a notification about a new post on your blog, and it’s always worth the read.

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