Odds & Ends

Two large lots of pens I’d ordered arrived this morning. It was like Christmas! Some good pens of which more to follow. There were also some interesting items among them.

This is a gorgeous Conway Stewart Dandy No 81 Ink Pen, as crisp and black as if it had been made yesterday instead of sometime in the 30s.

An equally pristine Ormiston & Glass Aero Taxi Stylo was there as well.

Rather more modern, but quite interesting too in its way, is an Automaton 4-colour ballpoint pen. These things have always been popular with children of all ages and I have a modern version in the cup on my desk.

Lastly is this rather odd-looking ebony and plated brass item that I at first took to be some sort of mechanical pencil. Closer study revealed the name John S Birch and a patent number. A quick spell of online research revealed that it is a 19th-century pocket watch winder.  Many older watches required keys for winding and they could easily be lost. This was a universal solution to that problem.


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