The Jock Pen

For years my main supplier of pens was eBay but recently my other sources have been producing better pens.  By better pens I mean pens I can write about here and that will be interesting to my readers and customers.

Today I found the Jock Pen, a real rarity from times gone by.  I’ll add photos when it arrives but it’s a black hard rubber pen with engine chasing, made in the 1920s, I would estimate.

As you might guess, this is a pen with a Scottish connection.  I can’t tell who made it, but it was made for William Ritchie & Sons, a wholesale stationer with outlets in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  They also sold a range of stylos:  the Elderslie, the Bantam and the Accipol, as well as the Floeesie Valveless fountain pen*.

William Ritchie & Sons was a well established company, going back to 1892.  Like many other stationers, they added photography to their products, bringing out postcards of Scottish scenes and eventually getting into publishing, producing ‘Picturesque and Romantic Edinburgh’, a book I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.

They’re no longer around.  Though I can’t find an exact date I think they closed down soon after World War II.  The Jock Pen is a fine memento of this company and I would love to find a Floeesie Valveless pen.  It sounds very interesting.

*Stephen Hull:  The English Fountain Pen Industry 1875-1975

4 thoughts on “The Jock Pen

  1. At least some of these Jocks were made by De La Rue, though they may have used other manufacturers over the years. There is a mint, stickered & boxed smooth mottled version (c.1930) pictured on p178 of the Onoto Book. De La Rue also made an Umpire Valveless ED which may be related to your Floeesie.

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