Osmia 60 C


This is an Osmia 60C. Osmia’s model numbers are a mystery but those in the 60s seem to have been issued in the mid-thirties, which would be in line with the black hard rubber blind cap.

I’m not much good on piston fillers so my friend Paul L. kindly fixed this one for me. Major kudos and gratitude for the excellent job he did.

The nib is semiflexible, heading for fully flexible and the ink flow is generous, which makes the pen a joy to write with. The Germans know how to make a fountain pen – or perhaps I should say they did. I’ve had modern Pelikans and Montblancs, neither of which I found all that impressive, especially when you consider how much they cost. Nice looking pens but they don’t have the writing quality of this 80-year-old sweetheart!


The 60C is rather a rarity. I’ve been able to track down only one other example online. It’s a small pen by today’s standards at 12.5 cm capped. Personally, I find it quite a convenient size. The faded blind cap may be seen by some as a flaw but I feel that it speaks to the age of the pen. I’m not one of those who re-black pens.


I suppose I’m going to have to sell this pen but it will be with great reluctance. It’s what I’m in business to do, after all, and I really shouldn’t add to the boxful I already have. In fact I think I shall deal with temptation by listing the pen on the sales website today.


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