FPR Himalaya

IMGP3241This is my first pen review in quite a while. Sorry to start with a modern pen but it was what I had to hand. This is a Himalaya from Fountain Pen Revolution. Capped, it measures 13.4 cm, so it’s average sized for a modern pen. The acrylic is quite spectacular. The cap fits with a turn and a half but the section/barrel thread is much longer, allowing for the pen to be used as an eyedropper filler, I assume.


It is an inexpensive pen. Allowing for the extra $3 for the “flex” nib, it cost $32 or about £24.75. I put flex in quotes because I wouldn’t really regard it as very flexible. It’s semi-flex at best and that requires a noticeable amount of pressure. That said, some line variation can be induced and it is a very pleasant writer. The nib is very smooth and writes very well on the medium-rough paper I have used here.


It comes with a plunger-type converter which works well enough, though it is impossible to get a complete fill. It holds about as much as a short international cartridge, or maybe a little less. I would have preferred a better converter but for the money I can hardly complain. All in all, this is a really excellent pen, comparable with models that cost five times as much. It doesn’t skip and starts immediately after not being used for a day. Time will tell how robust it is but I can’t see much to go wrong.


I don’t know for certain where these pens are made but I assume China. The Fountain Pen Revolution website states “Each FPR pen has been manufactured to our specifications and fitted with high quality German-tipped nibs.” Yup. That sounds Chinese to me. How times have changed! 10 years ago Chinese pens were almost a joke. Most didn’t work well and many didn’t work at all. Even those that worked tended to fall apart after a few weeks of use. Now, many of the pens that are coming our way from China are very good indeed. Though the nibs are not up to European or Japanese standards, they are not bad at all.



6 thoughts on “FPR Himalaya

  1. Hi Deb,

    Welcome back. I think that most of the FPR pens are sourced from India. Not sure about the Himalaya.


  2. Hi Deb,

    I can confirm Philip’s post that all of the FPR pens are made in India. And, they really do have German tipped nibs though the nibs are made in India. We pay our manufacturer extra to use the quality German tipping material instead of the cheap Korean stuff you usually find on Indian and Chinese made pens. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your Himalaya… great post!

    Kevin Thiemann
    Fountain Pen Revolution

  3. Thank you for the interesting & thorough review of the FPR Himalaya. I would point out, however, that this pen is made in India. Best regards,

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