Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime Statesman


You may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about a Sheaffer Triumph Sovereign that I really liked but was unsuitable for me as I prefer a fine and it was a medium. A very kind and generous correspondent made me a present of a very similar Sheaffer with a fine nib.
This, I believe, is a Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime Statesman. If you know better, please inform me. I’m no expert on Sheaffers and there are very many of them. Anyway, this one dates to about 1945, I understand, and it was made in Canada.
It’s very like the other one, being brown/gold striated with a Lifetime Triumph conical nib. What a splendid concept the Triumph nib is! Several other manufacturers have come up with conical nibs but none of them are a patch on the original.
This pen is a superb writer and it will always be on my desk. It’s one pen that won’t appear on the sales site. Ever.


4 thoughts on “Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime Statesman

  1. Deb,
    I am delighted that you got the Lifetime Statesman in fine as you had hoped! They are superb!
    Sheaffer was a tremendous innovator in the day, witness the gorgeous conical nib on your pen. I don’t think that any other pen company anywhere could have matched that at the time, or possibly now for that matter!! Enjoy!!!! With repeated regards for 2016, Bill Gerber

  2. Hi. Under a loupe is there any cracking or crazing of the celluloid at barrel end or cap top? I have a 3 similar triumph pens and a matching pencil including a black pen and they all have crazing at both ends which leads me to think this a common problem with their plastic. Otherwise they are ace pens. Just curious.

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