Smartie Speaks Out!

Smartie here. I see that Deb just posted an announcement about the new uploads to the site. I’ve had enough of this charade, quite frankly. Take a look at this:


That’s right. That’s me, having a little lie-down after I clearly did those writing samples for the pens in that box behind me. It’s exhausting being Deb’s assistant, you know. She takes all the credit, always. Do I ever get a mention, beyond a grumbling comment about how I “never help” or “sleep all day”? Never! Sometimes I think I’ll just walk away from it all to see how she copes on her own.


Just to set the record straight, Deb’s not all that great at being my human. Whenever I want to go out the door, she goes to the wrong door, first. The level of crunchies in my dish is rarely up to spec, my water is consistently too wet, and she and Gordon insist on sleeping in my bed at night. What’s an assistant to do?

Honestly folks, some days it’s enough to drive me to drink.


7 thoughts on “Smartie Speaks Out!

  1. Hi,Great blog and pics.I have a Kenrick & Jefferson ltd pen lever fill from the 1920’s.It is in lovely condition and in perfect working order.It is chased black with original K&J gold nib.I would say as old as this pen is it was hardly used.I am a pen collector & a member of The Writing Equipment Society.Thank You for all your pics and info.Regards & ThankYou.Joe.S.

    1. That’s a good pen to have, Joe. The earliest ones were rebadged Swans. Some of the later ones were made to look like Swans but weren’t – I don’t know who made them. The last ones were made by Burnham. What they all have in common is that mighty nib, made to write through five carbons.

      1. Hi Joe,

        Thank you for the photographs. That’s the second version of the Kenrick & Jefferson, which looks like a Swan but wasn’t made by Mabie Todd. It’s a good pen and the condition looks good. Of course, the price a pen will fetch depends on how it is sold and who is in the market for it. I would say the pen is worth £50 at least, perhaps more. There certainly seems to be good demand for Kenrick & Jefferson pens.

      2. Thanks again for your help.Its a good bit less than I thought but I’m sure you are right.I’v had an offer of £100 pounds so I will probably accept it.Your blog is terrific.Congrats &Thanks again.Regards Joe .

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