Monte Rosa


I’m writing about this pen to show the depth of my ignorance. I’ve had a few Monte Rosas before but they were of the open-nibbed type with a wavy edged cap ring. I haven’t been able to find anything about this specific pen but it resembles the hooded nibbed ones with a metal cap which were made in the sixties. I guess that would be when these ones were made, too.
Though they were cheaper, Monte Rosa pens retained the high quality of the Mont Blancs. This one measures 13 cm capped and the cap ring is engraved “Monte Rosa” and “Germany”. It has a blue ink-view area and it is my guess that the hooded nib is gold plated. This is a medium and it appears not to have been used. I bought it along with another, a fine, in black.
There it is, then, that’s all I can tell you about it. Perhaps you can educate me?
On another subject if you have one of these Swan pockets and you want to use it, be sure that it is rust-free inside. If it’s not, it can scratch a pen horribly. I’ve heard about this from correspondents and I’ve seen one or two myself where sellers have sent pens inside one of these pockets. Some wire wool attached to a bit of dowel should do the trick.


2 thoughts on “Monte Rosa

  1. trawling ebay last evening, there appeared to be only one other which seemed to match this model, so it would seem to be an unpopular budget pen – collectors obviously want the open nibbed older varieties of Monte Rosa that Deb mentions. I hadn’t realized that some M.B. pens could be so expensive!!
    The seller of the ebay example seemed to be equally in the dark as to details of provenance – unsure even if it was related to Mont Blanc.
    All a bit of a shame really since the pen looks reasonably attractive.

    Sorry this is of no help, but just thought that its almost complete absence on the screen was of some significance.

    1. Thank you for that. The fact that it’s uncommon doesn’t necessarily imply that it is or was unpopular. It may be that not many were made. It’s certainly a Mont Blanc product, as it compares closely to other Monte Rosa pens.

      There is a story – I’m not sure how much credence to put on it – that there is a pen called Monte Rosa that was made in Switzerland and was unrelated to Mont Blanc. I’ve seen photographs of pens that were said to be this Swiss creature, but they apparently bore the legend “Made in Germany”.

      As for its absence on the Web, I found a couple of pens that appeared identical except that they were much larger. It seems that they also were rare.

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