Conway Stewart 55


Astonishing though it may seem, it appears I have never written about the Conway Stewart 55. It’s one of Conway Stewart’s best and most popular pens in the post-war period. It closely resembles the even more popular 388 but it is larger in all its dimensions and, of course, it has the Duro nib. It’s not a huge pen by modern standards at 13.3 cm but posted it’s a very considerable 16.2 cm.
It’s the successor to the 45 which, as a short-lived wartime pen had but a single cap-ring instead of the 55’s narrow – medium – narrow set. In other respects it’s quite similar. Unlike most post-war Conway Stewarts it isn’t cigar shaped but, like the 388, has a barrel that is straight-sided with an abrupt taper at the end.
These pens, like all the Duro models, are quite sought after, particularly the colourful patterned ones. They are not just collector’s pieces though, as they make excellent writers, well-balanced and comfortable in the hand. In many respects, the 55 is one of the best Conway Stewarts. Most Duro nibs are firm.

2 thoughts on “Conway Stewart 55

  1. as usual Deb, appears you’ve made a very good job of refurbishing and polishing this one, I’m envious – it’s a great looking piece of kit.
    The comment is made often that black doesn’t sell as well as the marbled colours etc. which you’ve suggested already, but I like black – especially when shiny – it has an executive and classy British ’50’s look – straight out of the boardroom.

    What is it that makes the 55 more desirable than usual – is it size alone – or is there some other aspect like small manufacturing numbers or short duration at factory?

    Judging by the few currently on ebay, it seems to have acquired bit of a cult status – and as you mentioned, cheap they are not. This largish nib rather like the wide spear on a Parker Senior Duofold which I picked up earlier in the week – again firm – of which I’m not a fan.

    Anyway congratulations – loverly looking pen.

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