This and That

Google is a picky sort of beast.  It appears that unless you constantly update your website, it gets bored and goes away and looks at something else, with the result that your website falls down the ratings and quietly disappears.  I am grateful to dear Martin Holloway for making me aware of this.  Thanks once again, Martin!   In my case, adding a few pens now and again won’t do to satisfy Google.  It’s text that Google wants.  One way or another, I write enough text in the course of a day and I don’t want to be writing any more.  The way around this is to attach my blog to my sales site using an RSS feed.  This will give an adequacy of new text to keep Google well-fed and thereby save our ratings.  Many thanks, as ever, to the very talented Brenda, who has helped immeasurably to improve the sales site.

You may remember that some time ago I announced that I had shellac for sale.  As the sales site was at that time I couldn’t include the shellac, but now Brenda has made some alterations that allow me to include it among the “Odds and Ends” section.  I still can’t sell it directly from the site but if you are in the UK and care to contact me using the email address there, I’ll be pleased to deal with your order.   shellac2

Finally, I was contacted by a gentleman who had some pens to sell.  In truth, he has a cornucopia of things to sell.  His web page is well worth a look and it may be that you’ll find a pen that you want there.

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