What’s new in the pen world?  I don’t know, really, because I’ve been taking a holiday, enjoying the good weather that came at last.  So rather than pen work I’ve been in the garden day after day.  My assistant says two paws up to that.
Not that she’s been helping me – she’s out all night and sleeping all day.  I’m not good at employing assistants.

I’ve not been entirely idle.  I’ve been looking at low cost modern Parkers and I’ll have something to say about them shortly.  For the moment however, my lazy days of summer continue.  I’m off out to lunch with friends (hi Penny!) and I expect I’ll be back in the garden later.


3 thoughts on “Lazin’

  1. That’s why when I visited you 2-3 years ago. Jack stayed in the car, pathological hatred for lazy cats, like his DAD. 🙂

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