Parker Duofold AF Revisited


Following on my recent post about English Duofolds, I recently snagged this Duofold AF for a customer who is particularly fond of them.  It’s my favourite among the English Duofolds and I think it’s a particularly stylish pen, if not in an obvious way.
This version of the Duofold was issued in 1948 and remained in production until 1953.  It was succeeded by the Aerometric Duofold which, I believe, is a step backward with its squeeze filler which requires the removal of the entire barrel.
It presents a smoother outline than the Duofold NS which preceded it.  The barrel jewel has gone to be replaced with a rounded blind cap which unscrews to reveal an aluminium bar rather than the traditional button.  Altogether, I believe, this is the most elegant of the English Duofolds.
This one is quite unworn, with a good barrel imprint and nice gold trim.  The 14K Newhaven nib is at the fine end of medium and is a splendid writer, if firm, as one would expect of these pens.  They are a bargain, but may not remain so forever.


2 thoughts on “Parker Duofold AF Revisited

  1. I’ve got one just like that awaiting repair – it has a missing sac and pressure bar. However, the button is brass coloured but otherwise identical which makes me wonder what model I actually have

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