A Late Summit


This Summit pen turned up in nearly unused condition – when I flushed it there was ink in the feed but it showed no other signs of having been used.  It’s a little unusual in that there is no barrel imprint, so I can’t say what model it is. Everything about it suggests that it is a late model, perhaps among the last range that Summit made before the company closed in 1955.  The “over the top” clip is a late feature.
The machined pattern is very crisp and the chrome plating is immaculate.  The box, too, is in very good shape, though there is a little scribbling on the top.
I suppose one might say that this is a fairly basic pen but it’s interesting in that it appears to be quite an uncommon model.  It is also unusual to find one in such good condition.


4 thoughts on “A Late Summit

  1. Deb,

    Happy to be helpful. I have the identical pen, with sticker, and full imprints on nib, barrel and clip, but in “bottle green” color. It is, indeed, a late model from the 50’s. I had several lengthy e-mail discussions with the seller from England who runs the Summit site online. It is an S.160, made in Liverpool by Curzon’s.

    Stuart (across the pond)

  2. Deb,
    I neglected to say that my pen, also a lever-fill, is trimmed in what appears to be gold plate and has a F to B semi-flex nib. It was also made in button-fill and designated as S.165. A photo of one such pen appears on the Summit site at the moment.
    Stuart (across the pond in the colonies)

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