Waverley Cameron Eyedropper Filler


These Waverley Cameron pens were made in the immediately post-war period by Burnham, I believe.  They were intended for the subtropical market (where sacs deteriorate very quickly) but, for some reason or another, were not exported and appeared, boxed, on the market in great numbers here some years ago.
I hadn’t had one of these for quite a while and I’d forgotten what a good quality pen it is.  Everything fits together nicely, and the Macniven and Cameron leaf-shaped nib is often pleasantly flexible, as I believe this one is though I haven’t write tested it yet.

There is much to be said for a relatively modern eyedropper filler.  It’s never going to need a sac, diaphragm or seals and it doesn’t need filled very often.
This model is quite visually attractive with the stepped clip, blue clip stud and deep engine chasing on the barrel.  There is a lever filler which I have written about before that was probably made around the same time, also by Burnham.  It is quite similar and shares the blue clip stud.
The leaf-shaped nib is, in reality, no different from one of the more usual shape.  It’s part of the Macniven and Cameron tradition and harks back to their Waverley dip nib.
These pens were quite common for a while but appear rather less often now.  More’s the pity, because they are pretty special pens.

7 thoughts on “Waverley Cameron Eyedropper Filler

  1. Yup, I’ve got one of these in as-new condition bought from a fellow in Singapore a couple/few years ago. So at least one of these pens made it out here to S.E. Asia. The box is in fair shape. These are chased hard rubber pens – or mine certainly is anyway. There’s a bit of flex in the nib if you lean on it carefully. Interestingly, my experience with this pen has been one of no leaking or burping at all; unusual for an eyedropper.

  2. Hi. Just wondering… what makes you think these were made by Burnham? I’ve just got one (not in my hands yet…!) that has the papers in the box that say it was made at the Watery Lane MacNiven and Cameron factory in Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

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