Conway Stewart 27 Tiger’s Eye


I’ve always wanted to own one of the Conway Stewart Tiger’s Eye pens, just to see if they are as beautiful in reality as they appear in the various photographs I have seen.  Well, I can tell you that the Tiger’s Eye is more beautiful than it appears in any photograph, including, sadly, my own.  What photographs don’t seem to pick up is the light that shines within the pattern – this thing would almost glow in the dark!
This is the Conway Stewart 27 version and it is in perfect condition without so much as a micro-scratch.  Where do people get these perfect pens?  It cost quite a lot but I think it’s worth every penny and I’m delighted to have it.  Of course, I won’t hang onto it for ever and it will appear on the sales site in due course.
I wish the photographs were better so that they would give you more of an idea of how beautiful this thing is.  Excuse the dust which I never seem to be able to get rid of.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures!



5 thoughts on “Conway Stewart 27 Tiger’s Eye

  1. Gosh! What fantastic material that is. Is it celluloid or casein perhaps?

    Jolly rare I should think – it is annoying that so many of the old pens were black – even though a black pen can be very handsome done right – e.g. my 1060!

  2. I have just acquired a superb C/S 28 in tigers eye for my collection and what you say is right. No picture can do it justice as to its deep pattern with light I have a C/S 60 executive in cracked ice that was my favourite but now the tigers my best. Some things in life cant be improved.

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