The Sales Site Will Be Available Again Shortly

I’m going to open the sales site again.  Unfortunately, as the problem has not been solved, it’s only really going to work properly with PCs and laptops, so far as PayPal payments are concerned.  There is a glitch at point of sale with mobile devices using PayPal – mobile phones, iPads etc.  What happens is that someone using a mobile device will find that their basket has not been cleared, giving the impression that the sale has not gone through.  It has, but lack of connecting code means that the basket never empties.  Furthermore, and worse, the item or items that have been bought are not removed from the site and still appear to be available for purchase by another buyer.  This has happened once or twice but luckily I’ve been there to manually take the item down before someone else gets disappointed.  However, I do have to sleep occasionally.

So the story is, so long as you use your PC or laptop the sale will be fine using PayPal or credit cards.  Mobile devices are fine using credit cards but not using PayPal.

I can only apologise for this.  I’m sorry for my customers who have been denied access to the site for a long time.  I’m sorry for myself, as my business has been frozen during this period.  I’m sorry also for my reputation which is inevitably damaged by a website that doesn’t work properly and that’s infuriating because I did everything right.  The people whose reputations should be damaged are osCommerce Solutions (who should be known as No osCommerce Solutions) and osCommerce, who haven’t bothered to get off their lazy backsides to solve this problem for my site and the great many other sites that are affected.

I’m still trying to work with these people to put this right, getting gradually less polite with every day that passes.

5 thoughts on “The Sales Site Will Be Available Again Shortly

      1. Hi,
        I’m using Chrome but I don’t think its related to browser. So try to put in ‘flexible’ to search for. This used to work on old website. Maybe the Search is not applied to the description fields?

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