The Sales Website Is Down

I’m sorry to say that the sales site is not available at the moment.  We’ve been having some problems that centre around PayPal purchases.  Investigation showed that the problem purchases were those made with mobile phones and tablets.  It appears that PayPal uses a different checkout system for phones and tablets than it does for computers, and that system does not interface properly with my website or, indeed, a great many others.

PayPal, it must be said, has responded extremely well to the reporting of these failures and is actively pursuing a solution.  From what I’ve seen so far I think the problem will be solved quickly.  I’m not sure if the coding gurus work the weekend so that may delay things a little but I am hopeful that I can make the site available again very soon.  Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “The Sales Website Is Down

  1. Have you thought about just running an Etsy shop? You can sell vintage items on there which your pens would classify as, all the payment side is handled for you, it’s easy to manage the stock etc. It seems like it might be less grief for you! 🙂


    1. Hi Ian,

      Thank you for the suggestion. There are a number of problems with that, though. Not many serious pen buyers are using Etsy as their primary – or even subsidiary – place to source pens. Secondly I’ve had a look at the pens on sale on Etsy and many of them are vastly overpriced, which is probably the reason why buyers stay away.

      My sales website isn’t really giving me grief. There is a problem that I and thousands of other sales websites are experiencing. It isn’t actually to do with the coding of our websites, rather it’s a PayPal problem and PayPal are at the moment working on a solution. Less than one customer in 10 was experiencing this problem and it wasn’t the kind of thing that prevented a sale going ahead but it might affect the quality of the buyer’s experience and rather than have that happen I choose to take the site down until the problem is solved.

      In the years before I had a website I sold extensively on eBay and despite making good prices I made very little money because eBay’s charges are so high. I did once or twice attempt to sell on Etsy but I had no buyers.

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