Credit Where It’s Due

Everything seems to be running quite smoothly on the new site.  I will be grateful for any feedback that you have, having visited the site.

A great big Thank You to my friend Brenda who put the site together and introduced all the improvements.  She has been an absolute hero, working indefatigably on my site as well as doing her day job(s) and being a mom.  How she does it all I do not know but I am immensely grateful.  

Not only has she made the site better in terms of viewing and use, for all of you, but she has made the site better for me in many ways as well.  The whole experience of having the site updated has been a pleasure, as opposed to the horror of trying to work with the awful WebCreationUK.  This was night and day!  It was made more difficult by our enormous time difference (California to UK), yet Brenda was always there with grace, humour, thoroughness and ingenuity.

You’re a star, Brenda!

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