Mabie Todd Swan Self-filler SM1-57

Here is another of those subtly coloured 1930s Swans.  This one is in pattern 57, which is a blue/black/bronze marbled mixture.  Contained in its original Royal Blue box it still has a deep glossy shine, showing little wear for the passage of so many years.  I’ve written about these pens before and there is little to add so I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

IMGP8414 IMGP8417 IMGP8419 IMGP8423 IMGP8424


One thought on “Mabie Todd Swan Self-filler SM1-57

  1. And the pictures speak volumes: what a lovely pen. I really like the slim lines of the SM1 series (I have a 1-60). Mine has a lovely flexible fine No 1 nib – is yours similarly equipped?

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