Site Update

Work on the improved sales site continues apace!  Testing has gone well (she said, hoping not to jinx it), and the last thing to work out is making the PayPal module play nicely with the site.  I don’t know if I’ll make it all happen by August 1st, as I am also working on batches of new uploads…. but it will be close!

6 thoughts on “Site Update

    1. Hi Penny,

      It’s all going very well (touch wood!) and I hope the site will be available again quite soon. I’m afraid my assistant is a complete workaholic. It’s all work, work work with her 🙂

  1. I sense the mood of expectation is rather more joyous than first time around. And don’t forget, targets can be ignored as well as beaten!! Nonetheless ’tis awaited with baited breath!

    1. It’s so much better this time around. The developer I’m working with (an old friend) is an absolute gem. I’m still hoping to stick to my target – there is very little left to be done, but little niggling things keep coming up and having to be dealt with.

  2. Dear Deb please do not rush for two reasons:

    1. Rather the new site works first time around than having to bring it down temporarily later due to problems arising that need fixing

    2. This will save me money by not buying as many pens (sincerely, I am not sure of this point myself) ;-D

    1. We are being very thorough, testing and retesting. At the end of this process, if anything does turn up that needs to be corrected it’s going to be very small will be easy to put right without downtime. While I have no wish to tempt you unmercifully, in the interests of accuracy I have to say that there are some wonderful things coming!

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