Sheaffer Targa Gold Plated Chequered Classic


I had some general things to say about the Targa back here.  This one’s the goldplated number 1007 Chequered Classic which was made between 1976 and 1979.  Despite its name, the pattern isn’t quite one of chequers; rather it is (when the pen is held upright) a series of three vertical incised lines joined by wider spaced horizontal ones.  It makes a very nice finish.
This pen has been well looked after and the gold plating is in very good order.  Indeed, like most Targas, it has survived to the present day with very little sign of its 35 year existence.
I have found Targas to be eminently practical pens, well-balanced, robust and always ready to write.  They are more than that, though.  Walter Sheaffer was a jeweller and until recent times Sheaffer pens have always reflected that.  Though it is by no means delicate and easily damaged, the pattern on this pen does make it a form of jewellery – though a useful form.  The famous Sheaffer inlaid nib, often firm but never a nail, is also a thing of beauty in its own right.
This one’s a medium with a hint of flex.  It has a Sheaffer squeeze converter fitted.



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6 Responses to Sheaffer Targa Gold Plated Chequered Classic

  1. AKMA says:

    Looking forward to seeing this on your sales site.

    • It will be listed on my sales site but it may take a little time. I’m not listing anything at the moment as I’m in the process of changing web hosts and improving the sales site at the same time.

  2. Bill Gerber says:

    I agree that the Targa is a great fountain pen, and one that has not even yet been accorded the full level of recognition due to its excellent construction, fine finishes, and superb, reliable nibs.

    • There was a while there, a couple of years ago, when they were making serious money. The demand for them seems to have fallen away a bit, but doubtless their time will come again.

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