In one of the pen discussion groups (we won’t say which one) someone posted before and after pictures of a well-chewed pen.  He had made an absolutely perfect job of removing the bite marks.  Not unnaturally, several contributors asked how he had done it.  He replied that it was done by a proprietary method and he was not at liberty to divulge how it had been done.

Thankfully, this attitude is rare in our hobby.  Most people are happy to share the knowledge.  Certainly, it is probably the case that pen repair is how this person makes their living, but one repair technique will not make their fortune; it is their entire skill-set and the reputation for good work that they have developed that is their bread and butter.  Trying to corner a part of the market by being secretive is unlikely to work.

Every day, in all the pen discussion groups, you can see people sharing information freely with each other.  Quite often, that information isn’t in the public domain, but it is shared because it’s good for our hobby, brings more people in and ensures that those who are learning about pens and their repair will continue to do so.  The benefits of freely sharing knowledge vastly outweigh any tiny individual gain made by selfishly guarding a technique or knowledge.

In other news, unusually for the Highlands of Scotland we’ve had long days of unbroken sunshine.  It tempts one outside, and I and my assistant have spent the day installing trellises and preparing for the arrival of climbing roses.  Well, to be precise, I fixed up the trellises while she lay on the shed roof, watching me and napping.  All good things must end and I had to go in and get some pen work done.  I invited her to come and help – after all, she is my assistant – but she yawned and licked her paw and stayed where she was!



6 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. In this matter I could not possibly agree more with you. Often you, and many others, have parted with your knowledge with just the pleasure of helping others as a reward.

    That this one is a rare case very seldom to be repeated one can only hope.

  2. Hi Deb, Am already in love with the Paul Smith, which I have hopes the husband will buy me for Birthday which is soon!! Can we collect when we are in Lairg in the beginning of July? It would be a a Monday or Tuesday 8th Or 9 th of July. He will be emailing you, but I just don’t want to lose it!!!also would love to see you and your assistant. So I hope he will be in touch soon!!! Best wishes Pennyxx

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  3. I think you will find that she was actually engaged in vigorous supervision and remained on the roof waiting for you to complete the work to her satisfaction Deborah.

    I know from experience that close supervision can be absolutely exhausting (my wife wishes to totally disassociate herself from the last comment).

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