Mabie Todd Swan Minor SM1/58


I have a list of Mabie Todd information which includes the various colour patterns that they used pre- and post-war.  Unfortunately, there are gaps and number 58 which is what this pen is, is one of those gaps so I will have to title it myself.  It looks like sage, bronze and black to me, so that’s what it’s called.
These colourful Swan Minors never cease to surprise me.  There is always another one coming along that I haven’t seen before.  This one is subtler than, say, the Italian marble pattern.  If there is something occurring in nature that it resembles, I can’t think what it might be, though I suppose there might be all sorts of patterns to copy from geology.
People seem to have prized these pens as many of them, like this one, are in excellent condition.  Though it has clearly been used, as I had to flush ink out of the section, it is unmarked and has obviously been handled with care.  Not many pens of this age that have been used show so few signs of it.
As is so often the case with Swan Minors, it is a charm to write with.  The number one nib is smooth and has considerable flexibility allowing for pleasing line variation.


Edit to add:  Eric Wilson tells me it is called “Marine Bronze”.

2 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan Minor SM1/58

  1. For someone like me who has smallish hands those are pens that are very comfortable to use.

    This one does have a very subtle but very nice looking mix of colours as you mentioned.

    Kind regards,


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