Parker 75 Thuya


I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a Parker 75 but up to now I have never succeeded, mostly because the prices they fetched were a bit too steep for my pocket.  When I saw this beautiful lacquered example I was determined to have it and luckily it sold at not too wild a price.
It has always seemed to me to be the most beautiful of all the Parkers, whether it was in the cisele pattern or this beautiful Thuya.  This one is French made and is part of the lacquer series which dates the pen to the period from 1981 until it went out of production in 1994.
The lacquer on this pen gives the impression of great depth and in a sense that’s right because these lacquer finishes were worked up layer upon layer.  The metalwork fits right in with the finish and the gold trim has lasted well as it remains perfect.
The cap and barrel are made of metal – probably brass – but the pen isn’t really heavy.  The cap slides over the section smoothly and closes the pen with a satisfying click.  It’s completely firm and requires a noticeable effort to remove the cap again.  The pen is a cartridge/converter filler, of course, and it takes several turns to remove the barrel.  This one has a squeeze-type converter fitted and it takes a good fill of ink.  It posts securely and, for me, feels absolutely right in the hand.  The sculpted section indicates where your fingers should go and provides a secure, non-slippery grip.  The very handsome gold nib – in this case a broad one – is as smooth as silk.
This was an expensive pen when it was new and 75s continue to fetch a high price when they appear.  I would say that unlike many another high-priced pen, this one has always been extremely good value for money.  It’s a pinnacle of pen-making.

6 thoughts on “Parker 75 Thuya

  1. I just got one myself after having read your report on it. I actually did not know there were 75’s that are not sterling silver. I’m awaiting mine, shipped from the UK to Sweden. It will be my first 75.
    Thanks for a very nice blog, I read it regularly with great interest. Regards to your assistant!

    1. Yes, those cisele 75s are so well-known that the lacquer ones are almost forgotten about, despite being super pens in their own right.

      I’m glad you like the blog and so is my assistant.

  2. The Parker 75 is, to me, the most wonderful of fountain pens. I continue to use the sterling cisele that was given to me in 1970, and have several others. The myriad finishes give each 75 their own character and charm, and I never tire of writing with them.

    My Thuya has a left oblique nib, which I quite enjoy when the mood takes me. Additionally, I have a cross-hatched vermeil, gold-filled Insignia and Grain d’Orges, Florence vermeil, and several others.

    The shape and silhouette of the Parker 75 are timeless and elegant, and the size, weight, and balance are perfect for me.

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