Sheaffer Triumph Imperial Deluxe


Whereas the last Sheaffer I wrote about was too opulent for my personal use, I would have happily gone into a shop and bought this one.  The 12 carat gold filled cap isn’t too much and it works with the blue barrel wonderfully.
There are those for whom a flexible nib is the be-all and end-all and this pen wouldn’t do for them because though it has a certain softness it isn’t flexible.  For myself, I love a flexible pen but I also love a smooth firm nib that lays down a good line of ink.  That’s what these Sheaffers were made to do and they do it so unfailingly well.
This is the cartridge/converter version which succeeded the Touchdown fillers of the sixties.  I prefer it because it holds more ink and you don’t want a stingy ink supply to service as generous a nib as this.


The fact that Sheaffer reused both names and styles can make pen identification quite confusing.  On the other hand, this makes for boundless scope for the collector.IMGP7031


2 thoughts on “Sheaffer Triumph Imperial Deluxe

  1. Thanks for the description of this pen. I’ve always wanted to try one of these Sheaffer nibs. I prefer a non-flexible and a wet nib. Being left-handed I have to be careful not to smudge whatever I’ve written. The Sheaffer has been added to my list of ‘wants’.

  2. Your comment confirms my observation that the inlaid nib Sheaffer Imperials in good condition are superb writers and quite handsome pens as well. Thank you for the useful information!

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