A Different Leverless

I think I’d better start by saying that this isn’t my pen.  Once again thanks are due to
Paul Leclercq for the opportunity to show and write about this beautiful pen.
I see so many black Leverless Swans that I almost forget that they can come in other
colours, but here’s a fine reminder.  I believe this colour was known as Brown/Amber.  It
closely resembles the Tigers Eye gemstone and I think this too, would be a fair name for
it.  Whatever it’s called, it’s very beautiful.
Pens are practical instruments, too, and must write.  This one performs extremely well.
The number three nib is very elegant and in this case it’s flexible too.  It’s an absolute
joy to write with.  In recent years Leverlesses have lost popularity because so many of
them were being re-sacced as if they were lever fillers.  Restored that way, Leverlesses
just don’t work.  Properly repaired, as this one is, with a sac that completely fills the
barrel, a Leverless will hold its own with any other pen of a similar size.  This pen holds
a lot of ink!
For those who take an interest in such matters, this particular pen had an exceptionally
thick peg to fit the sac on.  This meant that straight sac could be used instead of a
necked one.  It’s a pity that all the Leverlesses were not made in that way.
There is no code on the barrel end; all there is is “L3” on the section.  If we were to
extrapolate from this to the full code I believe it would be L3064, the last two digits
being the code for Brown/Amber.
This pen is a considerable rarity.  I’ve never seen one before and I’m grateful for the
opportunity to record it here.  I’ll also be copying it to John Brindle for the Swan list.


8 thoughts on “A Different Leverless

  1. Indeed a very beautiful pen with such a lovely #3 nib. Also thank you for sending it to John Brindle for an update to his lists as I am one of the people who use them as a reference.

  2. Thanks for that write-up. I did buy the pen for its looks (and its make!) – after all one never knows what a nib is like until one tries it; though I have to say one is usually in with a chance with Mabie, Todd & Co,!

    As you can imagine, I was delighted.

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