Kicking Back

Well it’s a holiday so me and my assistant are taking it easy today.  I’m listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (on the headphones to avoid Easter disharmony) and she’s cat-napping.


By the way this is the claw that she uses to clear feed channels.


5 thoughts on “Kicking Back

  1. I have always wondered what was used to get the feed channels so perfectly clean of the pens I have bought from you. Maybe I should also get a great assistant (when she feels like doing any pen work of course) like yours.

    1. I would like to be able to recommend a feline assistant but in all honesty I cannot. She’s bone idle and distracted by every bird that flies past. Human assistants might have potential if they didn’t talk back. A monkey, perhaps?

      1. All cats are essentially bone idle – except of course when they (and only they) want to do something; then they are like lightning. I am sadly not currently in a position to allow a cat to own me, but have had the honour of several gracing me with their company in the past. 100% cat, my family!

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