Stone Paper

I don’t usually write about paper for the simple reason that I don’t know much about it. I use whatever cheap paper the supermarket offers for pen testing, in the belief that if I can make a pen write well on low quality paper it should be fine on better quality stuff. For writing samples I use Basildon Bond because it’s fountain pen friendly and it has remained consistent in texture and colour over the many years I’ve used it.

I’m writing about paper today because Nick Romer contacted me about a new paper he has developed. It’s quite revolutionary in concept and seems to tick most of the boxes I would want in good paper. You can read all about it on


Nick provided me with a sample. I wrote on it using a pretty wet pen with the result you see here. There’s no feathering and the paper is pleasant to write on. It’s a subtle ivory colour and very smooth. Seems to be excellent paper. I would be pleased to use it. It’s heavy – I would be interested to hear what a ream would weigh.

Scotland has a long and honourable history of paper-making and, as a consequence, has had some of the most polluted watercourses in the world. Traditional paper manufacturers have done much to mitigate the harm they cause to the environment but paper remains an ecologically demanding process. Where Nick’s paper impresses is that it is remarkably environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use wood or water or emit toxic air and is composed of calcium carbonate (80%) and non-toxic resin (20%). The calcium carbonate is marble quarry waste.

This is a Kickstarter project which means that the person in the street can support it at a cost to suit their pocket, should they choose to do so. This seems an exceptionally worthy project to me.

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