Conway Stewart 27 Plum Hatched


Given my choice among the more opulent streamlined post-war Conway Stewarts, I would choose the 27 every time.  It’s very similar to the No 60.  It’s a little slimmer and it has a CS 5 nib rather than the Duro.  Not everyone prefers the Duro.  For me it’s a stiff and unresponsive nib whereas the CS 5, though not usually flexible, has a bit of spring in it that makes it much better to write with.
It’s true that the Conway Stewart No 58 doesn’t always come with a Duro nib.  The CS 58 is the alternative, but it is often as nail-like as the Duro.  In addition, I prefer the single wide band of the Conway Stewart 27 to the narrow/medium/narrow bands of the No 58.  Together with lever and the clip, the broad band seems to establish a pleasing harmony, to my eye, at least.
There are some splendid patterns in the Conway Stewart 27 range.  Like everyone else, I’m always on the look-out for the cracked ice, the herringbone colours and the tiger’s eye but I’ll happily settle for the more common but very lovely plum hatched.


5 thoughts on “Conway Stewart 27 Plum Hatched

  1. I have a plum hatched 27. What would it be worth today please. Still with the guarantee and original box

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