Progress With The Sales Site

I’m moving the sales site to a new host and in the process having some of the b0rked mess that WebcreationUK left behind them tidied up.  I had my own suspicions from the outset about some of what they were doing and it’s nice to have them confirmed.  Despite their promise that my site would be built from scratch, I’m told by the new developer that not only did they re-use someone else’s template, they took someone else’s site wholesale and changed the details.  There’s a lump of dead code in my site, all relating to someone else’s business!  The software they incorporated in my site was three years old even then.  Things like the routine for lost passwords and automatic emails worked badly on the odd occasion when they worked at all because they didn’t set up their server appropriately.  Too much trouble for them.  Everything was too much trouble.

Once bitten, twice shy, as they say, so I proceed with caution, but so far things have moved quickly and it may not be very long before I can rest assured that all will be well for the future of the site.  Things will work as they should, there will be a new security layer and the hosting will cost a fraction of what I was paying before.

I realise that all this is a bit dull and only tangentially pen-related but this is what has been taking up my time for the last couple of weeks.  I hope to be posting more articles on pens quite soon and I hope, if all goes well, to list some more pens for sale today.

4 thoughts on “Progress With The Sales Site

  1. so glad you have been able to sort out the site….and look forward to some new additions. I have just managed to get Word Press working so can leave the odd comment again….I had a new addition today, a friend brought me home a fountain pen from Vietnam , very strange nib, like a poster pen. Anyway it’s a nice pen and an addition to the collection. Do you know anything about them? I suspect it is mainly for use with characters rather than letters! Best Wishes Penny

    1. Hi Philip,
      Good to hear from you! I’m not sure what kind of nib Penny means, in fact I’m trying to establish that. The Chinese one I’m thinking of is much more curved, so that you can write with the narrow tip or with a broader part of the pen.

      In parenthesis, I have real difficulty with the description of any upturned nib as a “Waverley nib.” Richard Binder has tried to make this label stick but it really doesn’t. Upturned nibs didn’t begin with the Waverley pens. The only upturned nibs that Macniven and Cameron made were for dip pens. Their fountain pen nibs, though leaf-shaped, did not have an upturned point. I’ve covered this in the blog in a couple of earlier posts. Davis Nishimura has also written about it in his estimable blog.

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