The British Parker Duofold Aerometric


Throughout the fifties, there can be little doubt that the Duofold Aerometric was the most popular pen in Britain.  Hardly surprising, given its high quality.  The aerometric system made for easy, clean filling and the streamlined shape was not only satisfying in itself; it was influential right up to the present day.


The beautifully cast arrow clip with its cowling and “jewel” sets off the cap perfectly.


The chevrons make the cap ring instantly recognisable.


Duofold nibs are usually inflexible – the time of the flexible nib had finally passed by, even in Britain – but they are reliable and the pen writes every time.  If British Duofolds have a fault, it is that the material they are made from is a little soft and the barrel imprint is often faint or missing.  A perceived fault these days is that they are bland.  Perhaps, and perhaps what is seen by some as blandness is just classic perfection.  Pared down to the essentials, with the only decoration being in the gold-filled trim, the modern eye isn’t always suited to such understatement.

These are great pens.  Everyone should have one.  The Fifties Duofold is the baseline against which you judge everything else.
This one (in case you hadn’t noticed) is red – the deep red of fresh blood.  For me, this is the best Duofold.

The rest of today, for me, will be pen restoration.  My assistant says she will lend a paw.  Or two.


6 thoughts on “The British Parker Duofold Aerometric

  1. A beautiful pen! Personally, I find it more attractive in its simplicity than some of the monstrosities that modern companies are coming out with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Deb,

    That is indeed a beautiful pen and in much better condition than many I have seen lately.

    Keep them coming.

    Kind regards,


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