Useful Pen Sites

Many of you will know these sites already, but they may be helpful to others.

Sites I refer to all the time for pen identification:
For Burnham pens:

For Swan pens:

For Conway Stewart pens:

For Summit and other Langs pens:

For Parker pens:

For American pens:

Other sites
For a most entertaining and informative blog:

For pen discussion:

There’s also

I don’t go there, but to each his own.

For UK pen repair:

For nib work and USA pen repair:

For pen repair tools and supplies:

That’s a start.  Tell me your most useful pen URLs.


About goodwriterspens
I restore fountain pens, and used to trade as redripple52 in eBay. I also have my own fountain pen sales website,

10 Responses to Useful Pen Sites

  1. Very useful compendium, Deb. Thanks.

    Various suggested additions off the top of my head:
    John Sorowka – the UK-based nibwright: don’t think he has a website, but he’s Oxonian on FPN

    Pure Pens in south Wales for custom Pelikan nib re-grinds

    History of Pelikan pens:

  2. Philip Akin says:

    I just read that Pentrace is shutting down.


  3. Rui says:

    Hi Deb,

    Thank you very much for publishing the links to the various websites. That is very useful to me as I was not aware of a couple of the UK pen sites.

    Kind regards,


  4. Paul Bloch says:

    Deb –

    David Nishimura’s blog: is one I read regularly.

    Also, for those with any interest in Japanese writing instruments, (“Bruno Taut’s) cronicas estilograficas is informative.


  5. Paul Bloch says:

    May I update my previous response to also add the web sales site. Tom Westerich and friends always tell us a good bit about the history of the pens offered, but often great stuff about the folks who made it. Today, for instance, I learned that the early Montblanc made pens for the Faber family and for Staedtler – things I had not known previously.

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