Useful Pen Sites

Many of you will know these sites already, but they may be helpful to others.

Sites I refer to all the time for pen identification:
For Burnham pens:

For Swan pens:

For Conway Stewart pens:

For Summit and other Langs pens:

For Parker pens:

For American pens:

Other sites
For a most entertaining and informative blog:

For pen discussion:

There’s also

I don’t go there, but to each his own.

For UK pen repair:

For nib work and USA pen repair:

For pen repair tools and supplies:

That’s a start.  Tell me your most useful pen URLs.

10 thoughts on “Useful Pen Sites

  1. Hi Deb,

    Thank you very much for publishing the links to the various websites. That is very useful to me as I was not aware of a couple of the UK pen sites.

    Kind regards,


  2. Deb –

    David Nishimura’s blog: is one I read regularly.

    Also, for those with any interest in Japanese writing instruments, (“Bruno Taut’s) cronicas estilograficas is informative.


  3. May I update my previous response to also add the web sales site. Tom Westerich and friends always tell us a good bit about the history of the pens offered, but often great stuff about the folks who made it. Today, for instance, I learned that the early Montblanc made pens for the Faber family and for Staedtler – things I had not known previously.

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