Black Hard Rubber Parker Lucky Curve



This is a pre-Duofold Lucky Curve button-filler.  I can’t identify or date it more precisely because I’m not well up on American and, as in this case, Canadian pens.  Suffice to say that it’s a handsome old pen and this one is in exceptionally good condition, still shiny and black with little wear on the engine-turned pattern and the imprint. Oh, and it has 222 on the end of the barrel but I haven’t a clue what that signifies.
As with many button fillers someone had taken the old sac out and while they were there, they had taken the time to throw the pressure bar away.  Of course it might have been that the pressure bar was rusted or broken, but it happens so often that I suspect a conspiracy.  There are some bad, nihilistic groups out there you know.  I can just see them now, cackling fiendishly as they throw yet another precious long pressure bar into the waste-paper bin.  As luck would have it I had a long pressure bar in stock and was able to fit it and bring this fine old pen back into working condition.  Foiled, you filthy throwers-away of pressure bars!  You will never win!
This pen is a Lucky Curve in name only, as like so many of this type, the feed has been cropped, by a former repairer, I assume.  I see the odd complete Lucky Curve, but not many.  However, it doesn’t seem to have affected the pen adversely.  It writes well with just a hint of flex and it sits well in the hand.  It’s a slender pen, but not as slender as some of the earlier eyedroppers.  I could live quite well with this pen.
If any of you have more information about this fine old Parker, please don’t hesitate to enlighten me.  I confess myself in need of education where pens from the other side of the Atlantic are concerned

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