12 thoughts on “Unidentified Eversharp

  1. Looks Doric-y, but lacks a gold seal and looks round rather than faceted to me. Maybe a depression-era Equipoised (aka “The Round Vacuum Filler” aka the round Doric). Not sure about the cap band though.

  2. Heh! I had sent Syd a copy of this link so that he could take a look at the pen and it looks like he had already answered it. The interwebs works in mysterious ways for sure

  3. Hi, I think this is what collectors term a “Round Doric” or “$3 Doric”. I believe they are from around 1937-1941 (I may be wrong on the dates) and were a lower tier (cost) pen from Eversharp. I think these came with several different style cap bands; three bands with a larger central band (like your example), three small bands all the same size, and two small bands. Syd (a.k.a. The Wahlnut) Sapperstein is the go-to guy when it comes to these pens IMO. In a previous comment here someone mentions already asking Syd. FWIW, according to the CPI Inflation Calculator at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics $3 USD in 1938 is worth $49.69 in 2013 money.

  4. I was going to say that I have one of these, and followed up on FPN, but I see somebody has already posted the link. Does yours have the transparent barrel?

    Glad to hear things are improving

  5. The pen looks like it is one of the Eversharps that collectors refer to as a “Round Doric”. They are kind of uncommon and I don’t know for sure if they were ever included in a catalog or not, they might have been. Not a plug, but I have a black one for sale at the moment. It has a clear and black mottled barrel. The black parts are kind like chunks or patches and it makes for a very cool looking barrel, when the pen is empty.

  6. It is it fills similar to s Schaeffer. Pretty way to repair. I think David Nishamura may have O rings or perhaps Woodbin. Pretty pen depending on the size $200US in working order

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