I frequently buy pens in lots.  They generally contain one or two pens that you want and a lot of other stuff.  Much of this is consigned to the bucket without a second thought  I’ve thrown away mountains of non-working ballpoints – yes, and a lot of working ones too.  Cheap school geometry instruments go the same way as do a host of mangled bits that the seller thought were too precious to throw away but he was wrong.  That’s the unadulterated crap out of the way and you’re left with… stuff.

Stuff is made up of those item that have little value but some usefulness.  None of it is any good to me but who knows?  Someone out there might have a use for it.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so they say.  (I’m not so sure about that.  Treasure is gold, jewellery and bags of doubloons.  It’s not a pile of mechanical pencils, dip pens and Osmiroid screw-in nibs).  Anyway, what have we got?  There’s a variety of mechanical pencils.  Most seem to work quite well, but don’t challenge me too hard on that.  Mechanical pencils are not my area of expertise.  There are leads in great profusion, in a variety of sizes and colours.  There are masses of dip nibs, some of which look strange and unusual and are a bit beyond my ken.  To go with that there are lots of dip pen handles, some chewed, others not.  There are some scientific instruments that appear to be of rather better than average quality.  Joseph Gillott’s Magnum Barrel Pen makes a couple of appearances and there are a few Swan Pockets.  There’s even a phleems, should you feel the need to bleed yourself – or, indeed, anyone else, though I would advise getting their permission first, to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings.

I have space on the sales site to add another category and I intended to make that category “Stuff” and list these items there.  However, I found out that it was rather a task to do that, so I’m asking someone else to do it for me.  As she’s busy, it may take some time.  If, in the meantime, there’s something that catches your eye, just email me.  Prices will be at the bargain basement level.

5 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Osmiroid and dip pen nibs will be very useful as I do practice calligraphy. Thank you very much for this post to bring this ‘stuff’ to our attention.

    Kind regards.


  2. I spy a fyne poynt pencil, nice wooden handle eraser and many metal jackets – what a haul! Lucky you. T

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